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      Refrigerant New jersey,USA ! Tel:400-772-1732
      1> Professional 2> Efficient 3> Security 4> Integrity Management 5> Mutual benefit

      Pure refrigerant

      Our advantage

      Professional, focused on the refrigerant!

      Multi-industry applicable

      Multi-purpose, wide range of applications!

      About Us

      YOUFUSI is China's largest fluoride refrigerant operators. Each base has a variety of specifications refrigerant production capacity.

      YOUFUSI products sell well in Europe, the Americas, Australia, the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries, renowned refrigeration market at home and abroad, received the majority of customers praise!

      In order to better serve our customers, the company set up its own fleet of dangerous goods transport, equipped with a number of 40-ton tanker tanker transport vehicles, the establishment of a stable and efficient transport corridor, build a comprehensive sales and transportation and Service system. In order to ensure efficient and orderly development of the business, improve service quality and reduce the impact of human factors in the work, the Company utilizes the cargo transportation management system to track the status of the customer's goods in real time and promptly solve the problems occurred in the transportation process and effectively manage Shun all aspects of the relationship to ensure that the goods are fast, safe, stable and efficient service to customers. Companies in good faith service and efficient transport quality has won the favor of all new and old customers and trust, your needs is our hard work guidelines.

      Companies uphold the "honest and trustworthy" business philosophy, emphasis on specialization, advanced technology and equipment to provide users with quality products and services; humanity management for staff to create a harmonious and respect the work of the atmosphere for business partners to provide mutually beneficial cooperation platform .

      USA.YOUFUSI,International Limited, adhere to the path of sustainable development, vigorously develop the circular economy, the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction, cleaner production, the implementation of scientific management and modern management based on the promotion of new technology, new technology, new scientific research. Is to improve product quality, security assurances. Built more than 100 sets of comprehensive utilization and environmental protection devices. Integration of resources within the company's green industrial agglomeration area, the implementation of market-oriented, specialized and centralized operation.

      Welcome to YOUFUSI!

      It is not just a new name, but a new beginning. A new company, a new goal. New commitments to customers and chemistry.

      With the increasingly deepening of our understanding of you, I think you will make sure that YOUFUSI is not a "old wine in a new bottle" of the enterprise, you will witness our establishment of customer centered culture in YOUFUSI, I can't guarantee that we have everything, and properly handled, but we must take this as a benchmark, this is a commitment to you, hope to get your trust, welcome your suggestions and criticism to us, we will be sincere, honest, sincere and enthusiastic service to every customer.

      YOUFUSI every employee will be motivated and dedicated to your success as a measure of our success. Simple as.

      Thank you very much for staying with us on this trip. If you haven't had any business with us before, please try. I believe that "excellent value" is worth your expectation and possession.

      Please join us hand in hand and shine the power of fluorine chemical to create better, more reliable, safer and more sustainable solutions.

      Contact us


      Business Mobile:13431091638

      China general distribution:China Guangzhou YOUFUSI Chemical Co., Ltd.

      General distribution address:Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City Wanda apartment building C3 2323

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